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2001-12-23 01:12:52 (UTC)

Christmas Cards

I didn't send out many this year but I wrote long notes in
each of the ones I did mail. I was pleased that there were
notes back in all those I received. My cousin Paulette's
boys are still all in school too even though they are a few
years older than mine. She's moved again even though her
husband had promised her that the last house was the LAST
house but she hopes she'll be staying where she lives now.
My Aunt Madeliene has had a couple of major surgeries this
year but is doing well. Paulette lives nearby and I'm sure
that helps. Aunt Denyse lives near them both.

My day was spent baking today and, besides several loads of
laundry, I did very little else. There's still more laundry
to do and tomorrow I'll go and do a last bit of grocery
shopping before Christmas Day. I only had little candy canes
on the list this morning but it's grown. I plan on making a
potato salad and a chocolate cake with peppermint frosting
tomorrow too. By the time I'm done I won't have to cook for
a few days and perhaps get some quilting done.

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