Oh the crazy life of mine...
2001-12-22 23:57:44 (UTC)

long time to write....

hola diary,
Long time since i wrote last...good reasons... i have been
so sick.. i got the flu... ahhh i hate it... oh well... my
life at this moment is pretty boring and shit so i dont
even kno wat to write... i was watchin 8mm (even though it
is porn) but then i decided to come online.. i told cook
who i liked and he didn't laugh (well the guy i liked the
first week of school really was a laugh to say the least)
he thought it was ok... rich was all like yummy... xmas is
like 3 days away which like blows my mind... 13 till my
bday and only 9 till the new year... this year FLEW by....
i had a great year pretty much so... in therpy she extened
my visits for another 10 weeks cause: "im different" Im
diffrent my ass... i am the same girl i was when i started
in that joint... argness... i dont kno wats up really...
everyone is goin on vacation like tomorrow (jeff, haldi
etc) wat am i gonna do??? i dont even know.... my head is
poundin and my throat is killin me... well i must go dream
about that hottie wit a body OH YEAH RICK YUNE IS
GOOORGEOUS... hehe... im outs
ALl love

Song: Got it bad- Usher

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