my life
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2001-12-22 23:18:50 (UTC)

Okay I haven t wrote in this..

Okay I haven't wrote in this thing forever.
Today is Saturday. It's 6:11.

Christmas Vacation has already started. And it started off
good. I hope my christmas is good. I hope I get alot of
good stuff. Even though Christmas isn't about gifts. Ha oh
well, im a kid and that's whats kids are supposed to be
interested in.

I want to be a writer. I don't know why. I see people's
work, and poetry and It's really good. I just dont have the
patience to do it....

When im in the mood ill write something.
You know what makes me mad?! Me and Brittany were talking
about it at melisandas house. Why do girls get so mad at
eachother for the littlest things? when guys don't care?
I mean....Girl's.......girls.....girls.....we are so
i wish i was a guy. my parents would let me do anything.
and i mean EVERYTHING!

i gotta call my mommy now and see what shes up to. i might
go to the rink with jess.

lata gata
i love u!!!

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