still single

sick of all the sh*t
2001-04-08 18:14:48 (UTC)

kay well I am officially on..

kay well I am officially on vaation and I don't know what
the hell to do with myself...I wish it was warmer outside
dammit!!!!It's San Diego..what the hell is really going on??

Anyway think I'm gonna take my dog to Dog Beach here in a
bit...I have been rather depressed recently over the man
sitch and have been eating like a pig...shit I need to
diet...I used to weight 105 and now I'm 155...I still look
okay but the last 2 guys I dated pretty much insinuated
that I should work out more...fucking assholes I
swear...Anyway off I go...just emailed my ex(the one I
called to ask to take me back) a brief email requesting the
40 dollars he owes me since I'm going to Disneyland on
Tuesday with my niece and nephew and I sure could use the
money since I'm fucking broke and also need tires for my
car ....I'm driving on pretty much no tread...oh yeah!!!
Anyway enouhg bithing for now...gotta go...write later