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2001-12-22 21:10:27 (UTC)

the american dream from the eyes of a hippie

MsKarma: why the american dream?
MrTambourineManD: what
MsKarma: your profile says your searching for teh
american dream... whys that?
MrTambourineManD: cause im in search of it
MsKarma: how so?
MsKarma: what is it your looking for?
MrTambourineManD: easy money, the american dream
MsKarma: ah you want money?
MrTambourineManD: easy money, its the american dream
MsKarma: you're lookingg for easy money?
MrTambourineManD: it used to be the crap with house, and
white fence, but my american dream is bigger
MsKarma: what is it?
MrTambourineManD: its a secret
MsKarma: is it?
MrTambourineManD: oh yeah
MsKarma: even to a straner online?
MrTambourineManD: even to a stranger, who quotes poems
that willy wanka ripped off
MsKarma: aww gees.. you found me out, eh?
MrTambourineManD: yeah, its what i do
MsKarma: well... if it interstes you, i just wrote a kind
of intensive research paper on the american dream, as seen
by hunter s thompson
MrTambourineManD: yeah, thats what i got it from the good
MsKarma: yep
MrTambourineManD: rum diary, best book ever
MsKarma: thast what i hear
MsKarma: i ahven;t read it though
MrTambourineManD: you should
MrTambourineManD: its more of a book than fear and
MsKarma: im actually making ap hne call right now to see
if osmeone can pick it up for me
MsKarma: and she will.. so i'm gonan read it
MrTambourineManD: nice
MrTambourineManD: you read his hell's angels book
MsKarma: nope
MsKarma: only fear and loathing
MrTambourineManD: i didnt finish it, its too long and
slow in places
MsKarma: but...
MrTambourineManD: you see the movie
MsKarma: i have seen the movie
MrTambourineManD: ouch, thats needed too, i used to watch
it like once or twice a week, its full of bad craziness
MsKarma: yea its kind of wack... but johnny depp, hes so
MrTambourineManD: its suck a good movie/book, its crazy
MsKarma: it really is
MrTambourineManD: i can see fear and loathing the book
from where i sit, its right here, good times
MsKarma: and in writing that paper, ive kidn of imersed
myself in the american dream
MrTambourineManD: yeah, the american dream
MrTambourineManD: its what its all about
MsKarma: it sure is
MrTambourineManD: what did you come to on the american
MsKarma: well...
MsKarma: its over
MrTambourineManD: that the american dream is over?
MsKarma: the american dream is sucess, maintly monetary,
in in looking for the "dream", wich is money, only they
confuse it with happiensess
MsKarma: its not dead, tis evolved
MrTambourineManD: yeah
MrTambourineManD: money
MsKarma: so in looking for happiness, which isn;t really
hapipness at all, its money, teh over look the things that
make them happy, like, friends, and love, and life, and the
look for rolexs, and benzs, and big houses
MrTambourineManD: exactly, but i like the easy money
part, thats my part, easy
MsKarma: so they have the cars and teh money, and the
hosue, and they think, i should be happy, i have
everything i want, but they aren;t.. even thought htey have
waht teh;ve worked so hard for
MrTambourineManD: the ultimate american dream, as i see
it, is owning a casino, people give you money and you give
them nothing
MsKarma: cause htey dont;really want the car, they want
to be happy, they just dont; realize the car wont make them
MrTambourineManD: yeah, its superfical
MsKarma: its pure horatio alger...
MrTambourineManD: yeah i hear that
MsKarma: yup
MsKarma: so im kind of interanlly obsesse now with the
american dream...
MrTambourineManD: yeah, i was obessed for a good 6 months
MsKarma: its an odd obsession...
MrTambourineManD: yeah, not evey one understands
MsKarma: well, ithink that they;ve been told for so long
that money will make them happy, that when you tell them it
won't, it just doesn;t sink in... id doesn;t carry much
MsKarma: itd hard to dissconnect money from happiness
MsKarma: and success from money
MrTambourineManD: yeah
MsKarma: man, im gald to talk to someone who gets it...
MsKarma: my friends, i dont; know...
MrTambourineManD: its like you have to be buddist or
something to not think money=happiness
MsKarma: you have to not grow up with the mental
MrTambourineManD: yeah, if you grow up normal, you want
the fast cars, nice cloths, big houses
MsKarma: yep
MrTambourineManD: its ingrained through televison and etc
MsKarma: unless you can realize that money doesn;t eqaul
MsKarma: and it ink that our generation, more so than
anyother, is realizing that, because we see our parents
working so hard and not getting anywhere
MsKarma: and we're fucked up because of this
realization.. cause, now what do we shoot for in life?
MrTambourineManD: yeah, except my dad works real hard,
and got us the nice stuff
MsKarma: our paretns pressure us to go to colleg, get a
job, be sucessful, but sucess ful is being happy...
MsKarma: yep, my mom works realy ard to get me nice stuff
MrTambourineManD: yeah, exactly, i dont even want to go
to college
MrTambourineManD: i dont want to work the rest of my life
MsKarma: i want to learn more, sure, but in the world,
not college, maybe
MsKarma: i want to see, and experince.... and take
pictures... but not in anyway, do i EVER want to work in a
MrTambourineManD: yeah, that surely would not be fun
MsKarma: no way!
MsKarma: andw e see our paretsn doing that, and telling
us they are happy, but really, they have moeny, and teh two
are NOT the same
MrTambourineManD: exactly, its hard to make them the same
MsKarma: yep
MsKarma: so im looking at your website, how old are you?
MrTambourineManD: ha, thats old school, im 17
MsKarma: fancy that, me too
MrTambourineManD: yup
MsKarma: so, drew, is it?
MsKarma: where do you live?
MsKarma: im katy, by the way
MrTambourineManD: thats correct, in hershey PA, home of
all that chocolate
MrTambourineManD: where do you call home
MsKarma: austin texas
MrTambourineManD: steers and queers
MsKarma: ahh, not quite...
MrTambourineManD: well you know, its just one of those
MsKarma: mayeb if you're from pa...
MsKarma: i have a friend from wayne
MsKarma: its outside philly, don't knwo if its nawywhere
near hershey
MrTambourineManD: hershey is like an hour and half from
MsKarma: ah
MsKarma: so you're a hpiie, drew?
MsKarma: hippie, if you will...
MrTambourineManD: yeah
MrTambourineManD: if you will
MsKarma: ahh hippies are fun...
MrTambourineManD: yeah, we arent the most active of
people, but intresting people none the less
MsKarma: agreed
MsKarma: good times...
MsKarma: i liek hippies, but i dont; think they liek me
too much...
MrTambourineManD: whys that
MsKarma: no reason, i guess...
MrTambourineManD: thats odd
MsKarma: i think that alot of peopel don;t like me... i
mean, i think that.. itsin my head, proabably.. i bet they
don't not liek me..
MsKarma: its not that alotof peopel dont; liek me, its
just htat i THINK that...
MsKarma: even thought they don't...?
MrTambourineManD: yeah, i know alot of people dont like
me, its cause im a huge smart ass, and tell you what i
think, nice or not, usaully not
MsKarma: ooo, not nice, eh?
MrTambourineManD: the truth hurts, so why should i sugar
coat it
MsKarma: cause it hurts!
MrTambourineManD: thats not why it should be
MrTambourineManD: i tell it like it is
MsKarma: well, that has its place, definitly
MrTambourineManD: thats just how i do things
MsKarma: and if it works for you... more power to you
MrTambourineManD: exactly
MsKarma: well, drew... i gotta jet
MsKarma: we'll talk again, yes?
MrTambourineManD: if you're up to it
MsKarma: i think i just might be
MrTambourineManD: ok
MrTambourineManD: keep the peace
MsKarma: you too
MsKarma: see ya
MrTambourineManD: and of course, classic hst, the crazy
never die
MsKarma: no indeed
MsKarma: ;)