DayDream Believer
2001-12-22 20:53:48 (UTC)

Great News!!

Im doing better day by day!!
Still I think about S* a lot, but I`ve learnd to live
this way now, -its not my first time.
Gusss what??
I got so suprised that I thought I was gonna die, I got my
monney now, it is in my bank account.
I also got some monny from a nother job I did long time
ago, Im rich.
Today I babysat J.T and Christie, it`s snow here now, so
they where outside playing and I was in watching The Next
Best Thing with Madonna. Thats a great film, I love it!!
I`ve never seen it before, got it to Kelly for Chritmas,
but I wanted to see the film before, at least the beginning
was great before the problems came!!
You gotta see this one!

I was supose to go out to night, but I wont. Some people
(like me) have to get up early so they can go and babysit,
and thouse pepole (like me) cant go out and drink when
they`re heve to get up at 06. So so they`re boss can be in
the city to start work at 08. And some of this people (
unfortunately like me agen) have this handsome, hot,and
sexy boy in town (wow, not like me, but like Chris) waiting
for them. Bhuuuu, life sucks some times!
No, its not that bad, it was me actulaly who said yes to Ms
Lindsay that I could work this weekend, so I only got my
self to blame.

Well, I`ll do it next year (wow, that really sounded
pathetick) I dunno what Im gonna do new years eve yet, I
got a lot of diffrent things to chose from, but no offer is
perfect. I wanna go in to the city and pary on a club, like
The Music Club, but I think its gonna be a lot of pepole
there then and I would have a hard time to get in with out
id. Silly thing or what??
Well, Im sure I would make it, its new years eve for *****

So here I am, its Saturday Nigth and Im home chatting on
irc, I dont like the thought of that.
Well Im off to bed now, got a long day tomorrow to - and a
little suprise to the one`s who read `s my diary.

Good night!