Don Juan

2001-12-22 20:52:06 (UTC)

Boring Life

Ya know... I think I get bored more easily than most people
for some reason. My friends can sit at home and be content
with not doing anything. Not I... I have to be out doing
something. I think that's what has gotten me in the most
trouble. I can't ever be happy with not doing anything.
That's one of the reasons I smoke so much... it's a nervous
habit. I'll be driving down the road, just driving and
I'll light one up just for the sake of doing something. I
didn't have any since two days ago... and I din't really
want one... but when I started driving somewhere today, I
was so bored that I had to go out and buy some. That's a
stupid reason I know... but that's the only one I can come
up with because I know I can deal with life without them.
Maybe I could take up sewing or something... but I'm the
one with a death wish... so I'll stick with smoking. Oh
well... talk later

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