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2001-12-22 20:26:44 (UTC)

well it all started ok

My evening started out ok. I got to the bar, had a drink
(for the first time since August) and so we were pretty
happy dancing around. We were supposed to go to this guy's
party, but we didn't make it there cuz we were supposed to
meet some guys that one of my friends liked at the bar that
night. So.. they never showed up anyways. Then, this guy
that I sorta liked in high school was there. While in high
shcool, he would always kind stare at me and give me wierd
looks and stuff. And he still does it. So that was pretty
wierd. My friend was like "maybe he likes you" but um.. no.
Shortly after that, we discovered that he's gay. so that
can't be why he stares. So i was somewhat dishearted by
that too... with my love life being in the shape that it's
in, finding out that one of the guys i liked is actually
gay kinda has to tell me something about my taste in men.
They're usually either Assholes, Manwhores, and now,
homosexual. I don't have a problem with the gay thing.
Actually I thought this guy and his boyfriend were pretty
cute together. It was just, bad for me. So yeah, that was
pretty bad.
And then, i find out that the party i was supposed to go
to - but i didn't - the guy I like was there. And now
TONIGHT he's probably going to the bar i was at LAST night,
but I'm going to a christmas party [email protected]&$#*@!!!
So in general it was crappy. But we had lots of fun at
first and when we found out that guy was gay... we were so
shocked! it was really funny, cuz they were like sorta
dancing with us a bit and we saw them like holding hands...
it was like.. oh my god... but i wasn't like freaked out by
it or anything. It was just something very very unexpected.