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2001-12-22 19:55:09 (UTC)


Ok...I was getting ready to go watch football with Jerry
when Danny stopped by for a few minutes to say hi. Well,
Jerry came and got all pissed off that he was here and left
without even saying anything to me. I love Jerry with all
my heart but he is being really immature about me having
guy friends. I don't get mad when he visits girl
friends...I have no reason to. Why should he get mad at me
that I have guy friends? I hope he doesn't expect me to
drop all my guy friends so he can feel secure. That really
hurts my feelings...makes me feel as if he doesn't trust
me. I have given him no reason not to trust me. I don't
understand why they both can't get over their issues and
meet each other. They would actually get along very well I
think. Danny knows I am with Jerry and he doesn't have a
problem with that. We are FRIENDS! That is it. So there
is no reason to get mad and leave when he stops by here.

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