Melissa B.

My Pregnancy Diary
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2001-12-22 18:46:49 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 26th. 2001

On Nov. 26th i went to see the dr...i had been having some
serious cramps..and because i have a history of
miscarriages i thought it would be a good idea to go get
checked out...they did an ultrasound and i got to see the
babies heart beating for the first time...i was so
overwhelmed...that was something i will never
forget..although i have 3 other kids...u still feel like it
is brand new each time. they said i was 9 1/2 weeks at that
time and due june 27th, 2001. i cant wait. My next visit is
Dec. 26th at 10:15 am i will write more then..=o)

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