can't fight the moonlight...
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2001-12-22 18:32:19 (UTC)

tis the season

Christmas is nearly here. :) We had the Yankee Swap at
Brie's last night, which was tons of fun. I ended up w/ a
gold coin from China, obviously brought by Amy. She's down
for the weekend, so excited! Hopefully I'll be able to go
out with her tomorrow night.
Damn my wonderful co-workers for giving me so much
chocolate! Not even the 25th and I can feel myself getting
fat. It won't do much harm--I'm not stuck up, I just know
that a few extra pounds won't kill me.
And thank god for school vacation!!
We have a wonderful, beautiful tree complete with tinsel
which looks marvelous. Nikki and I are tinsel snobs, and
were very disappointed when they took the good stuff off
the market. Luckily my mom is awesome, and came up with
five boxes at a yard sale. So now our tree glitters! And
Christmas morning I'm going to come downstais to the scent
of pine, sneak a peek into my stocking and wait for
everybody else to get up. Life is grand!
I still have to finish up my shopping- I only need Mom
before Tuesday, and I'm getting her slippers and some Spode
if I can manage it. My friends all need their presents, but
I'll get theirs after Christmas, which I let them all know.
That means that I don't have to be so rushed, and can use
Christmas money to spoil them- and me!- rotten. Rin gave me
a V.S. gift certificate for Christmas, so I should have
some fun with that. And if Sardou ever gets his act
together I can show it off as well. :)
Well now I have to clean for the annual Christmas Eve
party. Sigh. The party is always fun, but the preperation
kills me. Oh well. Ta!