The Xdruggie Files
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2001-12-22 17:31:39 (UTC)

Life on the Outside

I could recap three months of treatment here, but i won't.
started outpatient treatment Tuesday (the day i got out).
weird to be on the outside...have at least 11 loads of
laundry to do, but i am stalling on doing that. Moved back
in with my college roommate (glad that he was here and had
a spare bedroom). love my sponsor she rocks! we are meeting
today to go over some stuff. I guess it's weird for her to
have a male sponsee. Overslept today and missed SLAA, but
i'll check the meeting out again sometime. i am almost
finished with setting up my room, but i have some random
stuff with no where to put it. i keep forgetting that it is
almost Xmas--i have been in treatment since Sept. 14. This
staying clean thing is gonna be harder than i
thought...especially the sex part...but i need to develop a
relationship with a higher power. R(oommate) is getting
ready to go home for Xmas. M(ore) L(ater). Xd

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