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2001-12-22 17:25:04 (UTC)

Why am I strange??

Just a little background information about the name
Nightshade (Belladonna)- aka Devil's Cherries, Black
Cherry, Devil's Herb, Great Morel (not only does morel mean
any of the edible fungi Morchella, it also means the 'black
nightshade', 'deadly nightshade' or any other of the
various Nightshades)
All parts poisonous- berries, leaves, roots, stem,
flower... contains tropane alkaloids and other toxins
including apoatropine balladonnie and auscohygrine. Causes
fever, hot, dry, flushed skin, thirst, difficulty
swallowing, burning throat, pupil dilation, hallucination,
confusion, convulsion, coma, respiratory failure, and most
importantly- death

Whee.. I’m a little plant… not really. See, I am mentally
Only about 5 people know my real name aside from my
parents… I’m not even sure my own sister knows my real
name… you see, no one’s called me by my real name since I
was 5 or 6. Everyone knows me by my nickname, thinking
that’s it’s my real name…. But I’ll just be known as
Nightshade for now… I get bored easily but I’m also easily
amused… contradictory?? No not really. I just realized
that I judge time according to CD time, occasionally track
time. According to many of my friends, the reasons my
writing is so strange sometimes is because of the music I
listen to while writing… hmmm…. And I talk/write in circles
and I switch subjects quickly… you’ll figure this out if
you ever read anything I write….
So here’s all the reasons I’ve come up with so far on why
I’m mentally ill …
- my cousin (a guy, naturally, 5 years older than me)
took me to play violent video games in arcades every year I
go to China ever since I was 9. Well, I can tell you one
thing, there weren’t that many 9 year old girls who shot
monsters on a huge screen at the various arcades….
- Anime- hey, it’s pretty violent. I’m not talking
about crappy what is it? Pokemon, digimon, dragonball,
whatever crap they show on TV here. The only anime I agree
with on CN is Gundam Wing, but they even manage to screw
that up with the dubbing. *sigh… It’s all about the SUBBED
Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Serial
Experiments Lain, etc. GOOD stuff you get from JAPAN. The
English versions cut out scenes, change the art, censor the
language…yada yada… and I’m off topic. I do that a lot.
- Johnny the Homicidal Maniac- EXTREMELY disturbing
comic, and yet it makes me laugh… No I’m not a sadist, but
it’s pretty funny none-the-less… If you are emotionally
frail, make it a point never to read even one page of
this… ‘WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BACTINE?! Some of this blood
is mine!’ ‘Shit… I’m gonna go kill a party-clown.’
- Huh… that’s only 3, I’ll come up with more later…

~at school~
Anonymous-(points at my skull bracelet)what’s that?
Me- a bunch of skulls made from yak bones tied on a string
hanging from my wrist.
A- oh… (backs away)
M- (grin) I’m looking for a matching necklace.

Hmmm, the thing is, everything thinks I’m the most innocent
person in the world… Am I? I don’t know, ask someone
else. I find it impossible to describe myself to others….