even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-22 17:12:40 (UTC)

hands around my neck

so.. i woke up at 7 this morning and was like, aaaaahhhh
too early, i need to go back to sleep.. and i did.. an di
had dreams abtou photo, and dreams, it was odd, about
gunshoits in the school parking lot.. and me and sam i
think... maybe... but.. it was good, and i think i slept
well... onlymy back hurts, but... i'll see my boys today so
i think one of them can take care of that... spe.. yea....
my stomach is making weird noises.. i woke up and stareted
thinking baout my friends.. which was nice, not completely
unexpected....chelsea come today, and im really excited...
also, last night i ha some anxiety abotu flying.. i mean,
not reallyl, but just over seas.. over THE sea.... but i
tik it sould beok.. and its poroabably just anxiety, and
everything will be ok.... ti will be... im excited abotu
jamaica, i always am.. im o luckuy that w're able to do
that, its such a great time... just to liek, decompress,
and relax, and experience....joshua last night at kerby
lane asked teh waitress.."what kind of coffee do you have?"
and she laughed, and i laughed, and i was like, black...
and shes like.. its coffee.... and paul wants some tea, and
she names off all the herbal teas, and these teas that are
like, fun sounding, and paul is like, actually, i'll have
earl grey.. it was funny... ahh, the boys.. speking of
which.. i need to get soem stuff done, so we can chill,
it'll be great fun... heheh... yea well...