Baby Story
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2001-12-22 16:26:15 (UTC)

12 wks 4 days

What a relief. I am now officially done with school. I
completed my last final, handed in my term paper, and said
a farewell to the Albany State Campus. Yay!!! Then I
stopped in at work for a Holiday "meeting", where we went
out to a great Seafood restaurant to celebrate the
holidays, compliments of my boss! :) I went home and
packed my bags for a well-deserved and needed vacation. I
spent the night at Nels's house and came to work this
morning with him. (We work together all day today). We
are leaving for Brooklyn right after work... what a
relief. 3 days off. I can't wait until Christmas. I
would post what I got Nelson for Christmas, which I am
super excited about, but I have to wait until he opens
them, incase he decides to read this. For New Years, I am
planning a nice trip home to my parents house, which I am
excited about also.

I am having some odd cramps today. I had the funniest
feeling... Like I had an itch inside of my stomach. And
thats the worse, let me tell you!!! Because you can't get
to it to itch it! Wondering if my "lemon-sized" baby is
getting restless inside of there. You know, I think that
McDonalds did the greatest thing when they invented that
breakfast burrito, with mild sauce.... oh the best. Of
course the nutritional value had to be kinda off on that so
I had to eat a bowl of frosted wheat and a glass of OJ to
make sure baby was going to get all of its needed
nutrients. Christmas doesn't seem like a time to worry
about that though...haha, I got Christmas cookies and candy
from my Grandma in the mail yesterday. 1/2 gone
now...oops!!! I guess any food is better than none though,
right??? Growing to love my lil squirt more and more
everyday. I think that I want this pregnancy thing to last
for awhile, because I think Ill really miss it when its
over. Although, Ill have my baby in my arms then, so that
will be even better!!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy
holidays!!! Don't know when Ill get a chance to post
again, so until then....

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