"My Wonderful Life"
2001-12-22 16:00:04 (UTC)

First Time in High point wasnt the best

It was alright. But Ashley is like in love with her b/f
that is all we heard Eric this Eric that Eric has a big
penis. Like I care but I was sentive cuz she really does
love him unless she was playing with us. He is the story.
She was talking about him as usual then out of the blue she
said holy shit theres Eric!!!! I was like yes maybe they
will go together and let ben have her car she was going to
do it to. they were at the racetrac a gas staion. She
got out and hugged a friend named Bug. I was like what a
name. Ands then me and ben just stood over there talking
and then she finally came back and said that they were
going to hook up later Eric Promised. They were going to
smoke a blunt which they shouldnt do cuz its bad for your
health. But we got back in the car and drove around
somemore just waiting and then we seen Eric with to other
ugly ass girls at his window. That made Ashley, well, I
kow it broke her heart. I just know it did but it made her
mad and me scared. She was driving like a crazed monkey
sex freak. it scared me. then she was to racetrac an
dwent to the bathroom and then she came out more clam and
that made me happy. i didnt want to die. But you know me
she I cheered every one up and we were smiles until we seen
him once agiain but the girls were following himn down this
road. Ashley wouldnt follow. Then we seen one of our
Friends MArk Bowman. Then we talked to him and he follow
us I guess in case me and benn Beat his ass he could help.
You just dont understand how much that hurt her. Then I
gave her my change I was like go call him on his cell phone
then at last sec she change her mind. Then she said I will
call him tomorrow. IF you care to know more just ask.
THis moring my grandma called saying it would be
better to go after Christmas to get it fix so that is what
we are going to do after christmas on wesday we are going
somewhere to fget it fixed. I hope i get my 12"s and cd
player. Tiffani yo uknow what we do have to get togetther
and do something someday when your not workin. C.J. i know
you want to do somehting to so we can. I guess i am going
to go.#3