2000-11-20 02:00:28 (UTC)

Hey i just wrote in this..

Hey i just wrote in this diary... but u guyz barely know anything
about me. i am 14, single, blonde hair to my shoulders. im 5'9'' and
my eyes change colors. they are green,blue, and grey. i weigh 115lbs.
which is skinny..., since i should weigh 137 for my height. but oh

I live wit my mom. i have a 16 year old sister named rachael, and
a 11 year old brother named matthew. they both live with my dad tho.
my mom and dad just got a divorce this year. so its weird. but thats

I play lacrosse, and basketball.

I wish i had alot of pets but i dont have any... i will get some
soon tho.

well i gotta go love ya bye bye