All in the Night
2001-12-22 15:10:20 (UTC)

What, 3 days til Christmas?

OMG, i can't believe that Christmas is almost here!!!! I
haven't even had time to enjoy it! But anyways, as soon as
the holidays are over, i'm going to change my work
availability to like 2 days a week. I want to spend as
much time with my friends as possible this semester...after
all, it is our LAST one at South. But anyways, nothing
exciting has happened lately, just been working a lot.
Hmm...i was suppsoed to go have lunch with Doug but i woke
up late and have to leave for work in like an hour and a
half, it takes forever to get to his house too so I guess
we'll be on for another day. Andrew! Update your
diary!!!! I've only been awake for like an our and I'm
already bored. Agh, i need to do something! OH and
Andrew, when are we getting together??? Lol, anyways, i've
gotta go and get ready but i'll updat later! I'm out!