Randi Lynn

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2001-12-22 13:45:02 (UTC)


I'll Admit - I wasn't in a very good mood yesterday. Very
Depressed, Actully. Im feeling a little better today. =).
Im so tired. I Woke up over 10 times last night, and I had
a hard time getting to sleep. Woke up at 6:30 this morning
and was unable to get back to sleep. Im So Bored!Im gonna
go play Slingo..(AOL) I guess. I Made Banana bread Muffins! My kitten
was attacking my christmas tree so i cursed at it and threw it
outside. Fun Fun. The Banana Bread Muffins came out yummu, tho. I
have to do the dishes and fold the cloths before The Bitch(my Mom)
Gets home from work. Shes not always a bitch, just most of the time.
Oh my god. I slept from 3:45 to 7:30(Pm)!!!!!! then i took at Bath.
So Much for intresting Lives, huh? My friend came over before i took
my 4 hour nap. She wanted me to come over, but I mean, I Would have
gone over, But I'm Sick. That stomache ache x.x.
What I Learned about myself today:
I Dont listen to Anyone. And Im Stubborn.

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