Expressions Of Myself
2001-12-22 12:41:00 (UTC)

Christmas Time

Well, it's here! Dan and I hosted a Christmas party on the
15th and it included people from Barnhill's where I work
and Publix where he works. In all, we had about 25 people
and it was a great time had by all. Was nice to have a home
to invite people to and welcome them in. Everyone talked
about it for a couple of days. Marylou made After
5' they were good. I spent the next day recovering,
but it was well worth it...I had the best time.
This year we will be having Dan's family here for
Christmas. It's been many years since I didn't either have
to work or had people at MY house instead of going
somewhere else...this should be nice. We're making prime
rib...well...Dan's making the prime rib...I know I'M not
going to be the one who screws it up! He's good with beef!
The kids should be happy this year. Santa and Mrs. Claus
lucked out finding toys that they didn't make on sale for
50% off this year.....hehehehehe!
There hasn't been much time for Dan and I to spend together
lately. Working different schedules is tough. I get home at
around 5-530pm and by the time I am done with dinner, kids
baths and's 9 or 10pm and he has to go to bed
to get up at 4am....I am just getting ready to relax and
wind down...I can't sleep after running around like
crazy.So that makes it tough at time. But I love him so
much. We fight like cats and dogs sometimes, and I wonder
if that's what keeps us together...hahaha. Who knows..I'm
just glad that we are...and in January, it will be 3 years
already. I don't think we're going anywhere...too used to
each other!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....welcoming in 2002
next week! Time flies! Remember a prayer for those effected
by all that happened on September 11th...don't ever forget.