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2001-12-22 11:44:23 (UTC)

Anniversary Dinner

This afternoon John and I went to Corvallis to run errands,
including picking up books at the library. Actually, we
never went into the library. They're replacing the
carpeting again. I think they need to get better carpeting
as they have been doing this every year at Christmas time
for the past several years. While the library is closed,
they let people pick up reserved books at the bookmobile
parked in the parking lot behind the library so that's where
I went. I had a nice stack of books to pick up too. The
library will re-open the day after Christmas.

We noticed there was a great deal of traffic and I read
later that today is traditionally the heaviest travel day.
I believe it! We also noticed there were many state police
cars out although that didn't seem to stop much of the
speeding on the freeways.

We went out for our traditional anniversary dinner at Ping's
Chinese Restaurant. Today is our 22nd wedding annivesary.
Why we married at this time of year is beyond me. We had
wanted to get married before Christmas and suddenly realized
on December 21, 1979 (which was also a Friday) that the
courhouse would be closed on Monday, which was Christmas
Eve, so if we were going to do it we'd have to do it then.
So we did. We "eloped" even though we'd known each other
for more than three years but neither one of us wanted a
big, expensive, public wedding so we just went to the
courthouse in Eugene. Fast, simple and easy. Sometimes when
people ask I tell them it's because today is Winter Solstice
which has the longest night of the year.

The tree is up and decorated, I've refilled the cookie jar
with assorted Christmas cookies several times, and the
smoked turkey is almost gone. I still have to finish
knitting socks for Jessica, wrap the gifts, make the pies,
buy little candy canes for the Christmas morning hot cocoa
and that's should be about it!

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