The Mind Of Me
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2001-12-22 11:06:37 (UTC)

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.


I'm screwed.

Person A...he will be called Patrick for safety sakes...

Well, Patrick, Maddison (another name change) and Grant
(ditto) came to the movies with me. Now, grant had been
drinking a bit, so he passed out halfway through the
movie. Typical. Patrick and I were elbowing each other
non-stop for about 10mins...but we stopped. he started
falling asleep...ON ME!!! ok, i know i like patrick, but
not THAT much. He wants to go out with me, but i've never
been out on a proper date cause i've never been somthing
guys would consider dateable. So now i'm stuck.

Not only do i have Patrick to worry about, but Grant is
coming to me with his relationship (or lack of it)
problems. He wants to go out wiht Maddison.
Problem...He's 19...She's 15. Not that much of a deal, but
for Maddison's parents it is.

Plus Chancey's (another name change) boyfrind is tryin to
back up his mates when it comes to drug deals so she is
turning to me for support aswell. So with Maddiaon, Grant,
Patrick, Chancey and my friend Dominic (Name changed) who
thinks he is married to me, i have a lot on my little
plate. I need a life!

Tomorrow i'm going to town with M, G, natalie (NC) Nelson
(NC), Ember (NC) and I are going into town for a
while...what are we gonna do? don't ask me.

anyway, i'm going to bed, it's midnihgt

Seeya diary, and the rest of the world.

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