An Angel..Misguided

Diary of a Sinner
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2001-12-22 09:07:18 (UTC)

Chrissy's B-Day.....

Hey everyone, it's your favorite Punk Princess back 4 more!
Hope yah liked my last entry, i guess it's the same day? I
think, It's really late, It's like 2:43, but thats
Saturday, i guess, im so lost, anyways! I spent my day with
Chrissy! Well not all day! (read her most recent message 2
fine out about her day!) This is about my day! I woke up at
2:00 p.m in the afternoon, which was whack cause i went to
sleep at like 5:00 a.m. in the morning! Well thats not
really whack i guess? Anyways, I was SoOo bored all day
long, until my Daddy came home, then my last entry
happened, im lazy, i dont feel like copyin it, you have 2
hands, huh? Anyhoo, i was spose to go skating...oh shit
thts my last entry, damn you! Would you read it!!! Gosh,
anyways, I went over to Chrissy's and we sat and watched
Meet The Parent's for the 4000000000 time!! It was still
funny, especially Danny, i think he was hott, lol! And then
Keith, the nicest most wonderfullest uncle in the whole
world, took us bowlin, and i suck, oh well, screw you. lol
jk! And then we went to Pizza Hut, n ate Pizza! yay!! I
Love Pizza! It's so good! I love Pizza, anyways, we also
went to Krispy Creme, lol, Krispy, that's Kursey's
nickname, along with Angel and Kursey, and Downtown Kursey
Brown, Chrissy Purple, Cwissy, omg, soo many others, but
like i said before, im lazy, shut the fuck up! Anyways, I'm
at her house right nw, she is on my back, watching, so i
better not say anymore, she might sick Snuffy on me, the 1
dog wrecking machine...ewww...scaweey! lol, i hope Keith
doesn't read this, I'll never hear the end of it! Oh well,
whatever, my so-called life, lol, i like that show! I gotta
go now, Chrissy wants to frighten me even more with the
unk Princess Sammie....(the messages i was talking about
are on livejournal, if you dont got it, get it! I'm lazy, i
said that 3 times now, when wil you get the picture!)