toria's place to bitch!!
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2001-12-22 08:30:02 (UTC)

shitty day

today started out to be a good day emily got me a gift so
that was sweet.but she really pissed me off yestrday when
she fucken hid my backpack when i left school at lunch
grrrrr.but i dont know i dont feel that close to her
anymore and i wish i was.i think she is jelous of jessica
and i dont know why she hates her so much.i love jessica i
think she is suck a sweety.we love to get stoned then go on
road trips and she understand me too!well mark and beau are
getting older and i really want to see them.i want to go to
marks party but i dont know if fucking christa and ashley
are going to be there.fucking little skanks i hate them
bitches.oh and the biggest slut in the school today came up
to me and said sorry for being a bitch to me(we used to be
good friends)and tshe gave me a kinda made me feel
special when she said she still craes about me ans shes
sorry.well tonight sucked ass and i had to hang out next
door cuz i was bored with nothing els to do..oh well i
dident really mind it.larea was there and i cant stand her
i think shes a big bitch and i fucking cant stand her
sometimes but she got me some smokes so its all good.well
jessica just left she was stoned off her ass lol.right now
im really bored and i dont know what to do all weekend.grrr
fuck everyone. i hate fucking being alone without a
boyfriend it sucks fucking ass suck!!!
tommy hurts.