Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-22 07:25:43 (UTC)

? Question Me ?

Date & Time:
Friday 21st, 11:59 PM

Nail Polish Color:
dark blackish red

I'm stressed/tired/horny/confused

One thing u did today that sticks out in ur mind:
I told Committee that i had sexually been with a few girls

Dance, mellow dance music

If you could be one place in the world:
Sitting on a cold bridge sipping hot chocolate with a big
scarf & my peacoat.

Best gift you could get for X-mas:
a boyfriend: a guy named jeff from Jersey who likes Dead

Favorite Song:
Incubus: Aqueous transmission

If you could meet one person:
Jan, she's very interesting

Make up 5 friends that u wish u had:
1: a sleeper. A bummy guy who sleeps all day
2: a cute boy. An abercrombie boy who likes to cuddle with
me when I feel lonely
3: a talker. I'm a listener, I want a talker to listen to
4: a cute punk girl with short black hair and great clothes
that she'd let me borrow
5: a club hopper. I have no one to go see Robbie Tronco or
Louie Devito with.

Add another member to your family:
Gwen Stefani or Jennifer Aniston. I have an infatuation
with both. And i could rumage through both of their
closets. If i could be anyone I'd be a mix of those two
lovely ladies.

Who can you always turn to:
Ghostbusters. Myself. I always have answers to my questions
unless they cant be answered. I'm a good conversationalist
when nobodies listening.

Date & Time:
Sat 22nd, 2:17AM