Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-12-22 07:19:20 (UTC)

trapped in this never ending cycle...

I'm so damn frusterated! Must I always be so depressed?
Must I always let every little thing bring me down? There
is just too much going on all at once! AHHH so much
maddness to handle! and then Christmas! So much to do so
little time! I just go day by day reliving the exact thing
as the day before! It's never ending! Round and round it life...except at times it isn't so round. Most of
the time it has quite jagged edges to where I'm not able to
move but not even an inch. I dunno...ARGGGGG I honestly
don't know why it isn't till it's too late till I realize
how little meaning I have...I know exactly what I want
though so it makes it more difficult to understand! I know
that who ever is reading this (if anyone) is
thinking, "what the hell is this girl talking about!?!" but
I know what i'm talking about so it's ok... well I'm gonna
go now