even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-12-22 07:03:55 (UTC)

left for you to take away

so tonight was teh christmas party.. and it was fun... aum
and bobby came first, when naomi and i were making the
candy apples.. hehe, and then alex, and then sam and
joselin and the boys and paul, and then candice, and she
came and left in like 5 minutes, she had to babysit... but
we did presents, and it was fun.. everyone got/gave fun
stuff, mostly candice, alex, kelly/jason and i... but it
was still fun... giving is trying to think... i
think the books went over well... mike didn't come.. which
is odd, im not sure he knew about it, and if he did, we'll
say he didn't, cause it souns better for him... to me...
but.. it was cool.. kelly and jason left early cause of the
jason paul thing... and naomi and i made caramel apples! it
was so fun, and american-ish... hehe...but it was cool..
alex bought some liquor choclates, and we ate them before
nayone cameo ver, they were fun, cause htey were cute...
and they had booze in the middle, thats always fun... its
always fun giving things you knwo people will like.. and i
think we did kind of a good job.. so... then, kelly and
jason left, and then sam and joselin left, and then, we
waited for jeanie to come get alex, and then we went to
spider house, smoked cigars, drank coffee, and talked... we
talked abotu the army and killing people, and god and i got
kinda mad, and eneded up being like, fuck you! to bobby,
cayse he said something liek its fun to kill people...
but .. it was good times.. it was... joshua said osmehting,
int he car ont he way abotu how he could get some fre
mushrooms and he asked if i thoiught he should do them, and
off hand i said yes, but.. then we talke dbaout it, so i
dont; knwo... and i dont; know if he does either... but
then we went to eat at kerby lane, and it was good.. our
waitress was really cute... and we talked about testicles..
and how.. well, they do what they do... kinda interesting..
and we came home, and they left... and it was so nice..
those boys are great, i miss josh and james when we dont;
hang out cause htey are really fun, and great, yea htey can
be stupid osmetimes, but i really liek them both... and aum
is fu always, and so is paul, and that bobby guy.. hes
cool, mayeb not for all the time, but hes.. hes asseritves,
which is good in this group... and it was great, i came
home and was all smiley and happy, cause those boys are so
fun... suh sigh.. they .. eheeeeeee.. yaya.... i t was just
me and the boys, and it was fun.. i liek that... but im
tired, so im ogign to sleep.. and i'll have good sleepy
dreams... ahhhhhhhhhhh