humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-12-22 06:55:25 (UTC)

just a week.....

yeah so me and jason have been going out for a week and
tonight he got like really pissy all of a sudden and i
didnt know why and he like didnt talk to me at all we went
back to his house and like he talked to his fucking dog
more then he talked to me and he wouldnt even look at me i
was like riiiiiight hank use to do this to me and liek we
were in the car and i started crying becuz i am not gonna
be in another relationship like the one i had with hank ,
nuh uh no thank u hunny and i didnt want things to end with
jason or anything u know and so i was crying and i like
sniffled and he turns down the music and goes whats wrong i
was like nothing and he was like no tell me balh blah blah
whatever and i told him and he was like i am not mad at u i
am just frustrated in general and i wasnt talking cuz i
woulda said something stupid and taken it out on u and i
didnt want to do that adn then yeah whatever we made up my
dumbass left my purse at fucking Wal Mart and now i have
no purse so i am pised as hell cuz i lost 30 bux, my permit
and all my fucking make up i am so mad u have no idea, lol
jason was mad cuz i had a condom in there that i lost
too...DUDE SO PISSED...but i amg onna go buh bye...oh
and listen right when jason pulled up to his house tonight
when he was still mad he was all like oh lets slam my car
door and then when we got into the car to go bcak to see if
my purse was at walmart he goes where r we going and i
didnt say anything cuz i was pissed and like half crying
and i was trying to not cry so if i had talked then he
woulda known i was crying u know and then he goes "julie
where are we going" all like pissy i was like WAL MART
GOOOOOOOOOOD but yeah i am done...k bye, julie

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