Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-12-22 06:43:42 (UTC)


havn't written in this thing in so long! Man...where do I
start? Hmmm...well, I got my guitar! It's freakin' awesome!
I love it and wouldn't trade for anything in the world!
Yeah...what else...? Oh and I'm still basically
grounded...and I still like this very special guy a lot who
is now single and yet I still have no chance at all with
him. I dunno it's just so odd as to how I can care so
deeply about this person though I've only met him in person
once. Once...I remember exactly what he looks like though.
I mean I talk to him and all but... I dunno it's just very
confusing! I mean...I even told him how I feel about him
(when he had a gf) I felt so bad but my feelings were just
so uncontrolable. Still are. Jeez I just feel like such a
fool! And now this guy likes me and I dunno what to do
because I don't like him that way! So now I'm getting what
I deserve! I now know what I'm putting my poor so called
*love* through...I hope that he isn't as annoyed by me as I
am by the guy who likes me! GOODNESS! I just wish he would
feel the same way about me as I feel about him! If can only wish for so much! AHHHH!!!! But
anyways...enough of my pathetic problems...
what else has happened???? OH YEAH I SAW INCUBUS BABY!!
THEY WERE SO AWESOME DUDE! I was SO close to them!
and shelley and I fixed up our studio and we now have a
place to practice! School SUX ASS DUDE! I'm so glad that
it's break now! hey well I'm tired so I'm gonna go!