The Life & Times of Alison
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2001-12-22 06:29:31 (UTC)

Me, Leanne, Carrie, the mall and a hot Italian guy...

Well... today was so much fun. I didnt get my deposit, so I
had to - didnt want to - but borrwed money off of my moms
friend Craig. I went to the mall with Craigs daughter
Leanne, who is so much fun, and my friend Carrie. We had a
blast! At the one booth where I bought and ornament for my
grandma, there was this very very good looking boy... and
he was flirting with all three of us... and well... it was
an enjoyable time. Oh, and in the one store Leanne
accidently sprayed Op mens colonge on her, and then to
cover it up, sprayed Candies for men, and then sprayed
Curve for men, aka sex in a bottle... (thanks Whitney for
that phrase!) and then she sprayed Curve on me... so we
walked around the mall smelling boys everywhere, and then
realized it was us... we smelled like boys! But its okay,
cos now this sweater smells very very good... :) Hopefully
someday soon Ill find a nice cute boy... Carrie said its
the 'boy' part that is holding me up, that I should say I
want 'men' Oh well...


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