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2001-12-22 06:25:05 (UTC)


I am debating over and over wether it's me or if it is just
the guys I met that suck. First of all, they are all over
20. It might be nice to like someone my age who likes me
back. First lets discuss Steve. He works at Starbucks in
Glen Burnie, and I am totally digging him, but he is 24 and
he feels the age difference is too much for him right now.
Thoughts of his sexuality cross my mind, not that it
changes anything, I am totally into the swinging thing but
I think I deserve an answer and then if it's no then stop
flirting with me and raising my hopes just to knock them
down... still confused about this one... second there is
Robert, also known as Todd, the new shift at my store. He
is 23 and kinda cute in a Doofoos kinda way. We get along
fine when we dont talk but our views on things are so
completly opposite I dont see how anything could come from
this one. But he does like me, or atleast I think so, but
when have I ever been right about that. Finally my friend
Chris, also working at Starbucks, is incredibly loving and
so great, this one is just a friend tho, and did I mention
he is also in his early 20's ,so after all this I have come
to the conclusion that I am just not meant to be with
anyone right now, as much as that sux. so if you know
anyone who wants a gf, or just wants to hang out (and
doesnt have a criminal record) please let me know..

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