Boring... Do not read this diary...
2001-12-22 06:00:00 (UTC)

3 more days!

Well well well, it's three days until Christmas. How time
flies! I think I'm over my cold. I didn't wake up with a
massive headache and congestion enough for the city of
Tokyo. Today was fairly productive. I steam cleaned the
floor mats in my car, and did some cleaning around our
house, and cooked my own lunch. What production! I'm
getting stuff done now, and it feels good... then again, it
feels good to be able to feel good enough to do this
stuff. Maybe I'll do some more of it tomorrow! I finished
a season of football on my computer taking the Cleveland
Browns to the Superbowl and beating the Atlanta Falcons 17-
0, and complied a 17-1 record on the season. Not too
shabby. It was rather cool here today, considering it was
SUPPOSED to get into the 70's or so (the low 70's, but
still). All my shopping is done, and the wrapping is
finished, and it's all over but the crying... well... ok...
maybe not crying... but you know what I'm talking about.
Just chilling until school starts back up. Can't wait for
that! As for my "woman" situation, I have yet to hear back
from her, whom I sent an e-mail to a few days back.
Completely un related to anything like asking her out. I
think she only has a computer at school, and she only
checks it once or twice whenever she's home, so I don't
expect any responce for a while. But I did get the feeling
today that my fear about that type stuff is melting away.