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2001-12-22 05:49:33 (UTC)


I'm seriously running out of titles for my entrys, so i
chose this one, and i can see the meaning in it. I feel the
same feelings that i've felt before after break ups, but
now they just seem different. And I look at you, and I can
see how great we can be as friends, just like we were
before. But then i remember how good it was, and how even
the bad things, and crazy things all became like little
games we were playing, and even tonight I could see myself
getting all fiesty again, ready to play. But then when i
look at you, i realize that you dont want to play anymore.
And i can see the way you see me, you look at me different
now. And its then that i realize that you just dont, and
you could never want me anymore, even tho i know it can be
better, and even tho i know it would work. Thats just my
thoughts from tonight. I never really get mad at you- lol-
i'm just playing around. And i was lying, i didn't mean to,
but i think i was flirting with you. Call me sometime.