2001-12-22 05:26:44 (UTC)


Yep, that is the word to describe my day. UGH. It started
out with me waking up from a horrible dream about some
aliens taking over the world and they were after me. I went
to pick up my mom from the hospital, and saw Jerry. It
turns out he isn't going home for Christmas. One good
thing in my day. I came home and got ready for the day.
Jerry came over and we spend some time together. Then my
mom wanted him to run her around town, and he got
aggravated. Well, we went to the mall and we both got new
leather jackets. Then we went out to dinner at Levels, the
new bar and resturant in town. Good food. But then we
decided to go back to his place and dye our hair. BIG
MISTAKE. He ended up looking like a leapord. I felt bad
because I did his hair, so I said I would cut his hair for
him and try to get the spots out. But not before I spilled
my drink all over me, his couch, and then his carpet.
UGH. Well, we went to my house so I could cut his hair.
Another BIG mistake. He says he likes it but I don't think
he's telling the truth. I started to feel even worse, and
I cried. Then I got all emotional, and starting thinking
about other bad stuff. Like today he called me by another
girls name. I know he didn't mean to, but it still hurt.
Especially because this girl has told him things about me
that aren't true, and I don't even know her. And THEN he
FORGOT my name. That hurt too. I know he had a lot on his
mind but still....So I was thinking about all that, and
then I started thinking about him leaving me and that made
me cry even harder. But he made me feel better because he
told me how happy I make him, and he would do anything for
me. That helped. But I just had a horrible day being a
kluzt and stuff. At least the brownies I made turned out
perfect. Now my nose is bleeding. UGH!!! And I am soooo
uncomfortable now a days with the baby dropping and stuff.
At least Christmas is just like 4 days away, so I have that
to look forward to, and Jerry has his days free of work now
so maybe we will spend more time together. That would be
great. Oh, and another bad thing. The doctors found some
thing in my moms intestines and cut it out and sent it to
the lab because they think there is a 50% chance it might
be cancer. I don't even want to think about that. Well, I
guess I will go to bed and sleep so I can wake up and
hopefully have a better day tomorrow. NIGHT

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