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2001-12-22 02:20:49 (UTC)

The nine Tortuguitas made of chocolate - may a Christmas tale

Some day I get nine tortuguitas of chocolate in a box.
Tortuguitas are chocolate candies in shape of a turtle.
I offered each tortuguita a day for my friend. She didn't
accept and I eat some tortuguita a day she could not eat.
In real I eat one for me and one for her. After all those
sweet tortuguitas I ate there was a tenth tortuguita in
box. That was made of plastic with spared pieces. I could
not build it because some pieces broke. I got a new built
tortuguita made of plastic from manufacturer. But there is
not a heart in my tortuguita. I got a heart made of paper
of some drop candy. But I lost it and ask a new heart from
best friend of my friend. She had made the first heart.
Now the new heart of paper is in the shell of plastic
Maybe I am not seeing what Mel best friend Carol was people
made a heart for me and gave me a safe place for it.
In streets of my home town people was crying. Not by little
things but I guess it was the way to kick up their hidden
feelings. I cannot hug some friend that is crying or happy
yet. I only hold friends as greeting. I learnt all those
months that I never had been in love in teenage because
I could not be myself. Yes it was my path I did not walked.
After learnt to make things I feel will to do. Now I think
there is no use to do things people wanted to do. Only by
pride or joy. I could not hug some friend only because of
joy or care. If I do not believe it would really help I
could not. I have believed for long time I need to know
the truth and act as it be. I cannot trust a try. It was
reason I never made things could make me happy. I did not
know if it was other party wanted and I did not give a try.
Happy Xmas because we all deserv it and it means Lord love
people even we are not ideal but because we are ourselves
in heart and soul and love.

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