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2001-12-22 05:18:34 (UTC)

I feel so loved...

Oh I don't. You know what? I was so stupid..I
thought my friends were actually cool. Damn what the hell
was I thinking. Maybe I just expect too much now that I have
REAL friends? Who knows... So yea I get home from break
today...finally...and all i've been hearing is how bored
everyone is..and yay you are coming home soon. So I sit
around waiting for my "friend" to get out of work. And
another of my friends calls and asks what I'm doing..they
were going down to see the friend in work. So I'm like
cool...give me a call later so we can hang out then...Yea
sure! And I wait...and wait...and wait...and wait..and
finally at about 11:30 I call. And they inform me that
they've just been hanging out at my friends and they are at
Meijer now. But yea I can drive out to meet them if I want.
FUCK THAT. That's so damn cool guys. Their excuse? Oh we
weren't doing anything...DO WE EVER DO ANYTHING? HM? answer
me that. NO. All we ever do is hang out. So thank you very
much "Friends". I have come to the conclusion you are not
friends. You are bitches. But its ok. because now I don't
feel the need to come home and visit anymore. I don't feel
bad leaving you to your pathetic little lives here. I can
hang out with my reqal friends...Adios.

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