Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-12-22 05:16:47 (UTC)


I'm so tired (don't ask me why I'm not in bed; I have no
idea). Maw Maw and Paw Paw left this morning, so I got up
at 8, which is horribly early for me on non-school days,
but I wanted to get to spend some time with them,
especially since I felt really bad for running of the past
coupla of nights (LOTR and 555). And then Laura and I took
Fede out for lumch at Mellow Mushroom, and to the mall. My
physics teacher, ms. Mac called me yesterday, and was like,
I know this is kind of weird to ask, but my neighbors have
a foreign exchange student from Italy, and she's really
nice, but she hasn't made a lot of friends yet, so she's
kind of lonely... and anyways, she asked if I'd call her
and maybe introduce her to some people, etc. So anyways,
Laura and I met her, and she's really nice. She speaks
very good English, and she has a good sense of humor too.
There were a few awkward pauses today, but it was fun, and
we got along pretty well. We tried to go up to North Point
Mall, but we couldn't find it, so we ended back up at
Gwinnett Place, after a long detour....
Tonight Eric had a little get together-gift exchanging-
shin dig, which was fun. I was so worried about forgetting
someone, or leaving someone out, but it worked out fine,
and actually, some people didn't know that I was coming so
my stuff got left at their houses. Anyways, of course we
ended up on the trampoline, even though it was freezing,
and we had blankets and pillows, and were all snuggled up
together for body heat, and I was squished between Dopey
and Justin. Carol gave Parker and I a ride home, and now I
am incredibly tired, so I am going to bed!