2001-12-22 04:36:08 (UTC)

L.O.T.R = # 1!!!

Sorry I didn't have much or any time to write. I've been
too occupied with homework, boredom, loneliness,
depression, and mainly Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of
the Ring. I saw it as I've said I will a year ago, on the
first day it came out, December 19th 2001.

Note: If you haven't seen L.O.T.R. don't read the next part

It was exactly what I thought it would be. Well almost
exactly. A few bad things were that they missed out on the
part where they are in the woods, and one dude almost gets
eaten by a tree. The other bad thing is that they go into
the next book instead of saving it for next year. But I
guess it's better this way. Now it has somewhat of an
ending, other than Gandolph dies and they are in pitty.
Other then that there are a tremendous amount of great and
superb things about it. For example: All the hobbits are
not migits, but are shortened proportionaly in size (which
is as they should be) There are plenty of speciall effects
that look real. The cast is great. Especially Elijah Wood,
Lorien, and Gandolph. Even thought the dude they picked to
play Strider is a great selection, I imagined this kinda
older dude with long grey hair good for the part. But I
guess he'd look a little old for the part. I give it the
best review. It was worth the wait, and I am awaiting for
the box office to state that it was the #1 movie.

Note: You can read now

Other then that I've been feely reall lonely. I wanna
go out somewhere and party my little ass off. Completely
off. Mainly cause I've been contained in this 4 by 2 for
way too long. I'm sad cause I've got nowhere to go on New
Year's again. Nor do I have anyone to go anywhere with. All
of my friends are staying home. I was hoping some of my
friends that have a house would have a party. I'm afraid
that I'll spend Christmas with my family, and right after
that, Arthur and Daniel will abandon us as usuall. It's
starting to be an evil tradition which they take the liking
too. God I wish I had a home, and alot of money, so I can
do my own New Years party with my own twist.
What really pisses me off is that my so called friends
never have time for me. My mom thinks that it's cause they
have their noses in the books and get good grades. I say
it's cause they have family to hang with witch they don't
mind hanging with. Such as, Pepsi has her sister and is
cool with her folks, Pepsi and Kathy have alot of friends
they keep in touch with from Grammer School, those of my
friends who live nearby each other hang with each other. My
old Elementary school friends don't keep in touch.
Therefore I fear the time when Norma will move in cause we
don't have that good an aquaintance. She's gonna be here
for New Years, so if I complain I bet my mom will just say
that I should be happy that she is downstairs. But what
does she know about my relations anyway?
I feel like such a nerd. I tried to give up some of my
crazy ways so that I have more time for work, homework and
knowledge in total. So far the battlefield has been
bittersweet. My social life is going down. Way down. I
remember the last party I was invited to was Pepsi's B-day
party. Before that I have no recolection of anything for
months, maybe even years. People wonder why I freak dance.
Why I do the things I do on party's, Why am I so eager to
dance instead of talk or socialize. Not one of my friends
(nor did I ever) have a party, or was invited to a party
where the heading is not Happy Birthday. This sucks. Good
part is that my mom is warming up to me taking the car
(ALONE!!!) Thank God it is about damn time. She may have
warmed up to that, but she is still sexist and racist. Well
that is my boring old social life.
Now as for the life I got from my loss of socializing,
here we go. (As I go on with my latest
accomplishments, do compare them to my dimwitted brothers)

1st per = My teacher gave me my first A in that art class.
It is a great honor for me to get an A in that
class cause it is reall tough. Not only that, but
he also said I have alot of talent! That realy
ment alot to me. Since I always thought that my
art is not good at all. Another surprising thing
was that, that piece was just not coming along
for me at all. Besides, I spent most of my time
doing it at home, without even having a pic.
2nd per = We did dramatic readings of sonnets yesterday,
and we got our grades today. Our english teacher
is much into Theatre. She produces all of the
school plays. She knows me as loving to act. She
was surprised when I wasn't in the Christmas
assembly. But that's not the point. The point is,
that even though I knew I was (not to sound
conceited or anything) one of the best readers in
the class. And the teacher said we were the best
class. I got an A with comments such as "Great
Focus which is hard to do," and "Superb." Another
thing that gave me great flattery was that
someone told my friend from Music that I did a
great job. I didn't care that much that people
thought that I was good as much as that they
actually used their time to talk of me.
3rd per = This happens every now and then, not today
through. My U.S. Hist teacher gives me this sense
of brilliance every time he asks me questions.
He compliments my organization, when I was absent
he said that the class missed me (he was being
humorous since I don't know most of the class)
Also, I handed in a test once, I was the first,
and he asked me, did I get a hundred. I said of
course. He always knows I'm gonna do my homework
and I think he considers me somewhat of an
individual since during the pep rally I was not
all that cheerful, I acted more like I'd be too
mature for this stuff or something like that.
4th per = Well I'm raising my grade from an A to a B, and
thank God I'm not like those other people.(French)
6th per = I got a perfect score on my test, which was quite
easy, except everyone kept complaining that they
got bad grades. (since 1 wrong was already a B) I
was one of 8 who got a perfect score in my class.
The best thing is that Kathy got a worse score
then I did. Not good for her, but she is always so
full of herself that I'm glad when she gets a
worse grade then I. Once she told me that I was
stupid, but it made
me feel so bad. Mainly cause it was true.
7th per = Kathy had another downfall in Physics. She got a
73 (D ) while I got a 78 (C) I could tell she was
dissapointed. I mean she finished, I didn't. The
most I could have gotten on that test was a 85
which is a low B. I didn't even do the E.C.
8th per = I'm doing okay in my performances. I know I don't
deserve anything under a B for a final grade. The
thing is that when we were trying out for Grease,
even though I didn't make it, and Kathy did, she
was upset that she didn't get a lead. It is good
that she was upset cause she has this built in
confidence that she is one of the best actors just
cause she does alot of that stuff, the teachers
know her, and she volunteers for it alot. Someone
had to smack her with some reality eventually.

Now compare. Who gets more freedom? The girl that just
keeps on improving, or the guys who keep going down hill.

I leave with that thought. Especially cause my hand has
gotten a bad cramp and that's how I've been writing through
half of this, my computer will prabobaly kick me off soon,
this is reall long, and my computer is doing that weird
thing again where I can't push back to correct my mistakes
or change my thoughts or it will eliminate the next letter.
I hate that and I don't know how to get rid of it.

Well, till next time.
-Amnesia Spring