steaming the buns
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2001-12-22 04:35:16 (UTC)

my guitar

what's today? saturday. and i'm stuck here at the office.
uhhh. just an hour to go before i haul ass outta here.
bagal ng oras.. i'm gonna head to the mall first to pick up
new strings for my guitar. my guitar... my father gave it
to me maybe 3-4 years ago? it's japan or taiwan made
ibanez. not sure. forgot the series model. i don't really
pay that much attention to those things. basta i know that
guitar's mine. it's chockful of stickers and i keep adding
more. originally i put em on cause the guitar looked to
clean and shiny. first time i used it in front of an
audience was at a battle of the bands competition somewhere
in guadalupe. ERF's second batch of members me, monch and rj
i think we played white rabbit by jefferson airplane and
an original that i've forgotten how to play.. anyway i
think if i can't remember a composition i did, then it was
crap anyway. ok back to the gig. well there i was with my
brand new shiny guitar with gold plated tuning and volume
knobs... i think iwas out of tune or something. basta after
our set the emcee said: "it does'nt take a beautiful guitar
to play good" ouch. needless to say i shrunk away and went
home and put on the stickers. there's a lot on now. though
sometimes i have to replace some. there has to be some
i'm working on that guitar right now. i just got the stock
pickups out and replaced em with a PAF PRO humbbucker.
pretty fat. next time i'm gonna get a tone zone to
compliment it. i'm happy that i've got a groovy dad. he's a
coool cat and he understands my guitar needs. he helped me
out with the pickups. he has his own guitar collection and
most of my gear came from him. rocker kase. my first dose
of metal was from my father when he gave me a copy of
metallica's and justice for all. galing no? tatay ko pa nag
introduce. i was thinking of getting a whole new guitar.
i've been eyeing a parker fly. maybe in the future. i hear
damn expensive mga yun. meanwhile i'll just work on my
little ibanez. baka nga pag naayos ko to mas maganda pa
tunog. i guess that guitar's one of my biggest
extravagances. like, i'd rather spend my money on fixing
her up(yup it's a girl) than fixing up cars para pormado
etc.. i'm really not interested in souping up or adding
on ..whatever cars. basta for me. if the car runs,has
aircon and has a good stereo system..ok na.

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