my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-22 04:20:36 (UTC)

first day off!

well well's offically christmas break..and kim
and me spent our morning cleaning house for a neighbor. it
was worth it, cuz we made money. lol. and then i came home
and watched some creepy movie on tnt, which i forgot the
name of at this moment, but it was good. OOOOOOOOO! and the
faculty is AWESOME. tweaking is the best, and poor casey
cant flog the bishop anymore. and omg omg omg! josh
hartnett is in that movie, and they show a close up of his
ass. mmmmmm what a fine piece of work he is. god i love
him. lol. and we saw the lord of the rings today. omg that
was a good movie. it made me all misty...AND THERE IS A HOT
GUY! he plays an elf, but he's really sexy. and stryder is
cute too. lol. and in the middle of the movie, the screen
went dark (part of it) and me being me screamed "OMG THE
MOVIE BROKE!" it was great. but i love the guy who comes
out of the ground. he's just so beautiful. hehe.....if you
see it you'll understand why it's funny. and denny's after,
well that's an interesting one. we played w/ pie. lol.
somehow, i got pie when i didnt even order it, and heather
got sick but kept on eating it. lol. and i got sugar dumped
all over my pants and i got heather back, and then i moved
up to pepper. and heather won a free omg
and beth gave me this awesome pic of a baby horse. it's
soooo adorable! and HOPEFULLY i get to see the phantom
tm...but our tickets are for the wrong my dad is
gonna call tm and hopefully we can go. i hope so, cuz i've
been waiting for this for almost forever. and oh great,
brent is here for the nite. whoopie. lmao. i'm gonna go
nighty night now cuz i got a teeny tummy ache...and i dont
konw why....yes i do, nm. lol......

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