A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-12-22 04:06:14 (UTC)

long time no write


daaaaang i havent written in 4ever. i just havent felt like
it. well 2night i do. cuz im bored! well im on AIM..haha as
always. im talking to mandy. we wanna go 2 the movies with
a couple guys 2morrow. Christmas is coming up sooooooooo
soon! School got out wednesday..thank Gah!we hafta go back
the freakin 3rd of January..ughhhh! My Fam & I are going to
the beach over new years..I think my mom said I can take a
Friend:-D! I cant wait until Christmas! i wish I would snow
here!!!!!!!!!!!!! neways..i dont wanna get my report card!
im scared about my grades & what I made on my exams. oh who
cares. well im gonna go:-D

Happy Bday on December 31st Rachel!
Happy Bday on December 26th Krystle!
..luv u guys!

׺׺ 2 the rest of my gaLs & Guys!

..Love Jane..

CiCi..OMG GRAPE KOOL AIDDDD! Yippee..Tea's better!
haha..omg laughing at the fag? that was soooo funny! Haha
Snow white & love quoteS! Haha Luv ya like my sisteR!
Kendra..OMG voices in my head:(..go towards the light..lol
poltergeist..riiiiight! OMG Mel Gibson is my husband & i
have 7 kids! oh yea i knew that! Yellow Apple & Lightbulb
Song! Haha Lylas!
Mandy..well Guys suck! lets go 2 the movies..haha What is
freak? hUh!? U cant Spell U Wots for Tea? EAT CRABS?
Oooooook? w/e..lol Luv ya like my sis~ yo MAMA!