My Life Story
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2001-12-22 03:51:42 (UTC)

Just call me Cinderella....

I am a real life Cinderella. You might think I'm crazy, but
that's honestly how I feel, and I think the description
actually fits me fairly well. Let me explain... Well, I may
not have evil stepsisters, but I've definitely got eveil
parents who treat me exactly the same. The show me
absolutely no respect and talk to me only when they need me
to do something. It's always..."Daria, make me some
dinner!" or "Daria, go wash the dishes for me!" or "Daria,
I'm having company over....slean the house and make us
something good to eat!" or something ridiculous like that.
Nothing I do is ever good enough for them. I just work
relentlessly, knowing that no matter how hard I try, I will
never be able to please them. Then there's the whole "man"
issue. I'm just a girl in love with a guy, but my parents
(aka the evil stepsisters) won't let me have him. It's not
that they're trying to protect me or anything they just
don't want ME to be with HIM. I like to look at it in the
sense that deep down I'm just a princess who is madly in
love with prince charming despite my parents' attempts to
keep us apart. Ok....enough rambling. If you couldn't
follow my whole analogy there, then I apologize. The
holdiays are the most depressing time to be single. There's
thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and valentines
day....all right in a row! It's like a single girl's
nightmare! It's like shopping isn't enough anymore. That
just makes things worse. All I really want, more than
anything in the world, is to be loved and to be in love. I
know this all makes me sound really desperate, but the
truth is...I kind of am. I've been single for over 2 years
straight now, and I'm at the point where telling myself
just to give it time doesn't really work anymore. I've
given it time...plenty of time. I've tried to be patient
but it's hard. I miss that feeling more than anything!
Knowing that there's someone thinking of you, and dreaming
about you everynight. Getting those warm fuzzy feelings
everytime your eyes meet. Knowing that no matter what
happens, you're not alone because you know you can always
count on the to be there for you. I could go on for hours,
but I'll spare you all of that. I guess my point is just
that it doesn't matter what anyone gets me for Christmas
this year (if they even get me anything), because the only
thing that I truly want is just to have someone beside me
to love.

~Daria :)