2001-12-22 03:43:36 (UTC)


Well, I said I would continue the entry from the other day.
Okay, me and Dee went shopping today. It was pretty cool.
For the first time, I didn't get a headache from going to
Macon. I have one now, but it isn't from me going to
Mactown...I don't think! Anyway, I sorta feel better about
the whole friendship thing. I mean, I guess that's what
goes on when there is more than two people hanging
together. I feel like I've just been spoiled my whole life
and the reason I always get down about things like this is
because I've never really been on this end of things. I'm
pretty sure that I've made other friends feel like this. I
don't know. It sucks to feel this way though. But anyway,
I'm going to the game tomorrow!!!!! I think Leroy may go
with me and Dee. I'm trying to get ToeDoe to go too, so Dee
won't be the odd person out. But for some reason, I just
think me and Dee will be riding out. That's cool and
everything, but I did want Leroy to go so we could trip
out. AND.....everytime we take trips to Warner
Robins.....***wink of the eye***.....things happen!!!! So,
who knows what tomorrow may hold! Well, my fingers kinda
hurt. I need to read something. I got this interesting book
called THE COLOR COMPLEX. It's very interesting! I mean, it
talks about discrimination amongst our own BLACK people.
Ever caught yourself saying, "I only like light-skinned

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