What's up now?
2001-12-22 03:16:00 (UTC)


Home sweet home....I NEVER want to leave....I love school
and all...but I love home m ore....DOnt get me wrong I m
iss you all(Rachel, Erin,Jan Jan,Jacob, Paul...and the rest
of you) but home....mmmm:) I got to see Erika last night,
and we went to see hArry Potter...I liked it...i was okay I guess...then we went and got brian,
so that was good!! So after we left Erikas Brian and I got
to hang out too...I woke u p today at guess what time!??!
12:30!!!!! I was excited...then my sister and I went and
worked out, then went shopping and stuff for my mom's B-
day....then we allwent out for a family trip to the zoo
(they decorate it with lights and stuff for the holidays)
then went to was GREAT!!!! I LOVE It!!! And
soon I'm off to hang out with one of my friends, who I
havent seen in like 4 1/2 months!!!! I'm VERY excited to
see her:) Ahhh.....Tomorrow maybe I'll see Brian again,
but I have a LONG day filled with christmas shopping ahead
of me.....Yesterday when I got home there was a package
waiting for me, but I promised paul I wouldnt open
I'm waiting:) Thanks Baby...I'm sure I'm going to LOVE
it!!! Sunday I get to see Trish!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Well,
maybe monday, you all...night :)

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