Dirty Fractyl
2001-12-22 03:11:45 (UTC)

Could my night be any f**king worse?

I lose/get stolen my wallet which contained several
important documents such as my driver's license, social
security card, insurance cards (medical, dental, auto),
voter's registration, university ID, etc. It also had $9,
but that's kind of inconsequential, really.

Then, I come home and sit down to play guitar. My e string
was out of tune. So, naturally, as I tried to tighten it
to get it in tune, it decides to snap on me. Wonderful.
There goes my entertainment for tonight. I guess I will
just put on some Pumpkins and sit around and bitch to
myself while I wait for Sarah to get back from shopping.

Yeah, it could definitely be a lot worse, but it just kind
of gets me a little distraught because everything was going
so well for the past while and then a few minor
catastrophies just set me off a little. It's nothing I
won't get over, though, after talking to Sarah some and
just remembering that I have Atlanta to look forward to
next weekend.

Should that trip fall through, however, I will then begin
to bitch about things in full force. Damn it, sometimes I
just wish...ah, whatever...