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2001-12-22 03:09:31 (UTC)

headache. and im hungry...

and im hungry.
although i just ate.

work sucked today.
it wasnt all that bad..
but i had to sit through a lot of stupid boy girl drama
being told.
and it got annoying.
as did the customers who wouldnt leave.
although we were closed.
i was pretty bitchy and im sure i pissed a lot of people off
merry christmas.


im eating panera and therefore i should be content.
but im not.
and i want to go out tonight.
but i dont want to go out with the people who want me to.

i dont really feel like being around anyone actually.

but i dont feel like being by myself either.

i need to get out of this house soon though.
that is for sure.

my father is trying to talk to me and its making me mad.
and my mom is really drunk again and thats making me mad

i feel like going to sleep. but i feel like i do too much
of that...and thats not healthy.

i should wrap presents.
and it sounds like fun.
but i dont feel like having to move any more than necessary

people are being overly nice to me.
maybe im talking to the wrong people.

i told a customer today that i hated christmas.
because of the christmas music drilled into my over stuffed
head at work.
so he broke into song.
to cheer me up.


i need to do really well this semester.
i need to bring up my gpa.
so i can transfer.

i can even transfer before my 2 years are up possibly.

but i dont know if id want to.

i need to get out of here.

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