Authority to Pass
2001-12-22 01:56:49 (UTC)

Do you ever wonder

I think its the funniest thing---Someone will ask you if
it would be alright if they ask you a question. Let me
tell ya the next time somebody askes you that...even if its
me, say no I don't have all the answers because whats
going to happen they'll ask their simple little situation
they want you to deal with so they don't have too then
befor you know it they have another question their measily
little mind has a problem reassuring itself with. Like
this one for a matter of
~~~~~~~`Someone tells you what is right and what is
wrong....there really is no right or wrong answer to
anything, your getting an opinion from somebody else...If
their wisdom is far more instinct than it is following a
book I lost track let me get back on a train of
thought...Is it wrong to ask for the things you want rather
than the things you might need! I'm not sure what I would
On a nother not I really don't know what I could do without
a patient companion I suppose one might be able to live a
lifetime alone I've noticed my emotions are much more calm
and courteious under content reflecion when in coming to a
certain situation where a possible trustworthy possibiblity
offers themselves through whatever amount of time andor
effort they could afford to sucumb too-I refuse_ Is that
so bad- I should say not. If I were to accept a time
demanding friend resposibilities of keeping my mind
settled, feelings under pressur and emotions in there right
state of happines would be eber so hard when this friend
would need energy from me as well. Is it coinsadential
when I find myself wanting a companion the whole world
becomes blank and inconsistent on the other hand
inconsiderately when I am content with myself perhaps
mending my feelers from the past someone is there making
there way into my heart once again ingeirorating my doubts
for only hours befor medling with my time in hopes and
dreams. Must I always tell you I wish not to again be with
another sheilding myself from outside influences? even if
I do how ever many times I may tell you I cant spend my
whole time refusing anothers ships?