keeping my hands in the air
2001-12-22 01:45:27 (UTC)

What do you think?

well, i've been asking all of my friends to answer this one
question honestly. i asked them if they think that if at
any point through out this past year, if corey liked me
back. i got answers from a yes to a sometimes to a prolly

ok, my bud told me prolly not. she was like, "well, i was
thinking about this and i thought maybe he did, but then he
does that to so many other girls." i know that's true.

then, another one of my buds said sometimes. she meant that
there were some times when she believed he really did like
me, such as when we were alone at dominic's party w/ each

then, i had another friend who was like "most definitely!"
and that really brightened me up because she was being
really sweet saying that i have a good personality and that
i was cute.

i honestly don't know what to think w/ this guy. there were
so many times when i believed that maybe yeah he did like
me. i mean, i've gone through so many different experiences
w/ him. i know he flirts w/ every girl he sees and all that
fun stuff, but there were some times whenever i was w/ him
that made me feel like i was not like any other girl he's
known. i can't explain it, but that's how i felt. so many
people to say to trust ur own instincts and to listen to ur
heart and soul because they're telling u the right thing.
so yeah, im doin that. and people also say to always have
hope and faith. and im doin (did-im not so sure yet) that.
but my mind is telling me to stop and to just move on. but
my heart has so much hope. how do u know when to stop
hoping? and would that not go against what everything
teaches us? i really don't know what to think right now. i
don't even know what to feel right now. i guess im just
plannin to go w/ the flow right now and just do whatever
comes to me.

i had this friend who told me the best answer. she said
that she believed he did like me. she said that he acts
like he doesn't want me to stop liking him. that can be
taken as that he is pompous and arrogant and wants everyone
to like him. but i dont' believe he's like that. he's
confused right now as to what he wants, that i know. i know
this doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense, but
maybe ill figure it all out someday. just not today. i just
wish i knew what he was thinkin right now.

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