words better left unsaid
2001-12-22 00:52:41 (UTC)


Well, any minute now... my boyfriend will be here!! yes!
Its been a couple days since we have gotten the chance to
get together... so I really miss him. 4 days to be exact.
this is the longest I have been away from him since we
started dating. But Im finally going to get to see him..
yippy!! I cleaned the house, brushed my teeth lol, and put
on something cute. now.. just waiting. my sister was
actually supposed to clean the house for me while I was
working, but she didn't do it all. She did alot.. so I
didn't complain to much. Just a little about the huge pile
of boxes that were left on the couch. I asked her why she
didn't clean it up and she said.. because that's your
mess. Yes, most of it was mine, but how many times have I
cleaned her messes because she had friends coming over???!