It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-22 00:47:11 (UTC)


"im not the one whose so far away, when i feel the snake
bite enter my veeeiieeens, never did i want to be here
aaagain, and i don't rememba why i caaaame!" that song is
so cool. i had a thought today, about...duh, a bitch i
know. why does she hate me anyway? what purpose is there?
she must have a reason. i've seen people, never really
talked to them, but i've said shit like, "i hate that girl"
with no real purpose. but why would andrea hate me? we
broke up, but that's no reason to hate someone...is it? i
don't think so, screwing them over like 5,000 times is.
that's what she did to me. "i put so many guys on hold
while i was with him, and i let them all down." yeah right.
im tired as hell, ill catch yall later.


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